lunar shadow | | a shrine to Yuna
Basic Information

Who is She?; A brief overview of her identity (Coming Soon!)
Biography; The Unauthorized Biography (WIP)
Attire; The latest fashions from Vogue Spira!


Persona; An in-depth analysis of Yuna's personality.
Heritage; A look into her family history.
Name Analysis; A deeper look at her name. (Coming Soon!)


Soulmate; Tidus, the man she loves.
Confidant; Rikku, her best friend.
Mother-Figure; Lulu, the woman she looks up to.
Guardian; Kimahri, her protector. (Coming Soon!)
Doppelganger; Lenne, her ghostly double. (Coming Soon!)
Apparition; Shuyin, the man she mistook for her lover. (Coming Soon!)
Outlaw; Seymour, the man she almost married. (Coming Soon!)

In-Game Guides

Nirvana; Yuna's Celestial Weapon (FFX)
Aeons; The great summoning entities. (FFX) (Coming Soon!)
Floral Fallal; Yuna's special Dressphere (FFX-2)
Dresspheres; An overview of her dresspheres & their abilities (FFX-2) (Coming Soon!)

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